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Archive for June 2010

Ardour: An Example of Why FOSS Usability Can Be Hard

In a previous post I mentioned hearing a very interesting interview with Paul Davis, the head developer of Ardour (a FOSS digital audio workbench) on the FLOSS Weekly podcast. In this interview conducted by Leo Laporte and Jono Bacon, Paul Davis explains how interfaces can become overly complicated when trying to appease many expert users, […]

FOSS Usability

I’m excited about today’s CS849 class — it’s the first class all semester that specifically deals with usability issues that emerge in FOSS software and culture. I’m leading the discussion of several high profile blog postings on this topic. These blog postings, and their connections to one another are as follows (notably not in chronological […]

Motivations and Social Development in FOSS

Admittedly, I’ve been slightly behind in posting to this blog the for CS849 course. However, papers from the last two lectures (June 9th and 14th) have been researching the motivations and social development of developers within FOSS communities. As such, I will discuss the contents of both lectures in one blog post. The papers at […]

Gulf oil leak, live robot footage, and a new perspective on the challenges facing BP

I must admit, I’ve recently become transfixed watching the live footage of BP’s underwater robots frantically trying to mitigate the deepwater horizon oil leak. The video feed gave me a whole new perspective of the technical challenges of deep-sea offshore oil drilling. I’ve attached a few of the screenshots of the feed that I’ve captured […]

Case Studies for FOSS Development

In Tomorrow’s CS889 class (June 2nd) I am again leading the second half of the discussion. This time my focus is on the work of Audris Mockus’ et al. Their article, “Two case studies of open source software development: Apache and Mozilla” compares the very different development processes of these two projects. I found this […]