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Archive for May 2010

The Open Source Definition

This week, in CS889, I am charged with leading the discussion on Open Source and the Open Source Definition. So what is “Open Source”? And, how does it differ from “Free Software”? Compared to “free software” (circa. 1984), the term “open source” is relatively new. The term came out of a 1998 meeting at the […]

On GPL v3

This week’s readings (for CS 889) are primarily on the GNU General Public License, with a heavy focus on GPL v3. In this post I will focus on GPL v3, and how it differs from previous versions. I will then discuss some of the controversy with this license, and my thoughts regarding these issues. GPL […]

RE: Some Confusing or Loaded Words and Phrases to Avoid

Part of the assigned reading for CS889 is the Free Software Foundation’s document ‘Some Confusing or Loaded Words and Phrases to Avoid (or Use with Care)‘. While I mostly agree with this listing, I just wanted to comment on some of the entries which I find particularly objectionable: “BSD-Style License” The FSF writes: “The expression […]

The Movers and Shakers of FLOSS

Continuing the series on the history of free, libre, open source software, May 10th’s class reviews the contributions of some of FLOSS’s most famous movers and shakers. Linus Torvalds Linus Torvalds was the original author, and is presently the chief architect and engineer of the Linux kernel. ┬áThe Linux project was started in 1991-1992 while […]

The FLOSS Weekly Podcast and Open Source Usability

I listen to a lot of podcasts, one of which is the TWIT network’s FLOSS Weekly show. Recently I’ve been going through their archives to see if any of the episodes relate to the open source software usability course I am currently taking (and writing about). In reviewing past shows, I found a number that […]

Free Software and the Open Source Revolution

The theme of May 5th’s class is “Free Software and the Open Source Revolution“, and the required readings were: Pages 1-32 of Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman (Abbreviated FSFS), and The Introduction of Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution. (Abbreviated OSV) Note that the first 32 pages of […]